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Operations outside the wire. Credit: Air Force Tech. Sgt. Efren Lope

Plugger was written by John Ryan in 2010.

Army Times’ new blog, “Outside the Wire,” is a raw peek inside your gritty world .

Read why a gay ex-soldier called a long-serving senator the p-word. Watch a Medal of Honor recipient tearfully recount the moments he gunned down Taliban try- ing to steal a wounded comrade.

Staff writers post unusual bits about war-zone graffiti and Kevlar boxer shorts, and updates about juicy crimes and ex-soldiers on Capitol Hill and even in Hollywood.

If big media is the rumbling of a Bradley fighting vehicle, this blog is the chatter among troops inside its belly.

It’s under-the-radar news about soldiers, for soldiers.  Check it out at http:// outside-the-wire/.  And let us know what’s happening outside your wire.

Read Outside the Wire blogs by John Ryan.

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